Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment

Inequality Challenges in Nepal

Women in Nepal face many obstacles on the path to equality, and VAI Nepal is proud to participate in many programs to volunteer for women’s empowerment. The 2017 Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum report rated Nepal 111 out of 144 countries (http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GGGR_2017.pdf).  According to a recent update from NepalMonitor.org, a report from the recent “Incident Mnitoring Report – Trends of Gender Based Violence and Discimination against Women and Dalits,” concluded:

  • Despite legislative progress in ending discrimination, enforcement remains weak.
  • Sexual assault and domestic violence are the most common forms of gender based violence (GBV) recorded. GBV is also the leading cause of people killed in Violence.
  • Adolescent girls and people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to abuse.
  • Discrimination against Dalits is still prevalent but seldom enters the public record.
  • Despite significant progress in terms of social inclusion during the elections, Dalits and women remain the most underrepresented groups in parliament, when compared to their share in the population

In 2016, Jitendra Sahayoge of the news site IMNepal.com (http://www.imnepal.com/nepali-girls-problems-nepal/) reported the five most critical problems that girls are facing in Nepal are

  1. Gender Inequality (General preference of having boys vs. girls)
  2. Physical Retailiation Assault
  3. Girls (Human) Trafficking
  4. Domestic Violence
  5. Acid Attack

Our Volunteer Programs and Partnerhsips for Women’s Empowerment

The reports, statistics and news stories have brought awareness and, thankfully, lead to a variety of programs in which volunteers can help. VAI Nepal is partnered with women empowerment centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara; and of course our primary goal is to support girls in the village of Lamjung.

Our volunteers work at these centers to provide assistance by:

  • Training disabled women in arts and crafts to allow them to earn an income
  • Support rehabilitation centers by working on site providing meals, social (FUN!) activities and general supervision
  • Fundraising for scholarship programs
  • Teach English
  • Construction/improvement projects for new or existing facilities

To see what VAI Nepal includes in its cost to you, please visit our Program Fees page. Combine your volunteer program with a trekking expedition to complete your journey in Nepal!