Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery Nunnery

buddhist monastery volunteer

Volunteer at a Monestary or Nunnery

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself about inside the culture of Nepalese Buddhist Monestaries and Nunneries. You can volunteer at a monestary by teaching English to Buddhist Monks or Nunns young and old at any one of the many locations in the city or countryside around Nepal.

This Teaching English Program aims for an exchange between members of a spiritual community, and overseas volunteers with one thing in common: the eagerness to learn. The  overseas volunteers learn about Buddhist culture, Buddhist ways of life, Buddhist Dharma while the Buddhist monks and nuns learn about the world through the English language.  The volunteers in this program not only to get experience the authority of a teacher but also the humility of a student. English would be your field of expertise and Buddhism your field of apprenticeship.

Full Service Volunteer Program Coordination

VAI Nepal will help select and place you at the Monestary or Nunnery that fits your holiday needs. Easily combine this volunteer program with a charity trek for a combination program to show you many sides of Nepal. Contact us today to find out more about this chance toe volunteer at a monestary!