Childcare Volunteer at Nepal Orphange Home

orphan and street children help nepal

A Unique Childcare Volunteer Opportunity

Be part of a fascinating project in Pokhara, chitwan and Kathmandu, Nepal, by supporting taking care of orphaned children in children home in nepal at children homes run by Nepal Government called Bal Mandir which translates Temple of Children or private orphanages run by people out of compassion. Orphanage volunteering has drawn much debate too and sometimes some private orphanages are blamed making it a money making thing than doing real good of children. We do not have our own orphanages but we work with good orphanages who keep children happy as their own children than by the intension of making money keeping childrens always in poverty.

The main support you will be doing will be teach children in the mornings and eveings as they go school in the afternoon. They will be there in the children home all day during holidays where you will come much in use. Besides the Teaching things, you can play with them, sing for them, teach your language etc that they wont feel lonley and they will develop capacity to express. And from the program money you pay, it supports for their food, education etc so your presence matters much for the life of orphan childrens.

In Pokhara we work with a children home where there are children from Mountain village of Mustang brought to pokhara for proper education because in Himalayan region the schools gets closed during all months of winter because of snow fall. There are about 70 children and they are not necessarily orphans but children from poor families. VAI Nepal provides childcare volunteer programs to suppor the children home of pokhara through after school activities, teaching English and helping maintain the facility. Located in Pokhara, a beauftiful city by Lake Phewa, just steps from some of the world’s best trekking in the Annapurna region.

A local Buddhist monk gathered children from these remote areas, headed downhill and started a program to bring students from these villages down to Pokhara for 6 months of education and housing. This special school is open to volunteers from VAI Nepal for commitments as short as two weeks.  Help in the kitchen, play with the children, participate in educational games, support maintenance of the facility and escort the children on any outings.

Sign up for this childcare volunteer program and meet this amazing group of kids. VAI Nepal will transport you from Kathmandu up to Pokhara and arrange for your room and board for your entire stay. See our Program Fees page. While you’re there you should take a charity trek to Annapurna Base Camp, a 12 day tour that will ensure you’ll experience everything Nepal has to offer.