Veterinary Internships

Volunteer and Internship Foundation provide you Great Veterinary internship program in Nepal. Nepal has needs for animal care from the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara into the mountain villages where agricultural lifestyles necessitate a variety of farm animals, creating a great need for veterinary internships! The feral dog population in Kathmandu is estimated at over 20,000, requiring constant care and community outreach to reduce the spread of disease and animal mistreatment. Additionally, the cities support government programs to support livestock in the agricultural sector. There are also many national parks that contain many endangered species that need specialized care. VAI Nepal has relationships with many organizations that are looking for students and volunteers for veterinary internships.

VAI Nepal can support your application to government veterinary hostipitals and assocations here in Kathmandu. Alternatively, we may connect you with a private clinic or veterinary practice, depending on the type of work you would like to do. From the pet population to the livestock that helps feed Nepal, we will provide all the necessary transportation, room and board to facilitate your veterinary internship here in Nepal.