Nursing Internships

Nursing internships at Kathmandu hosptials


Nursing Internships in Nepal

VAI Nepal accept applications on behalf students from all over the world for nursing internships in Kathmandu, Nepal. Students come from a wide variety of nursing and health care programs from colleges and Universities in many countries. Because Nepal lacks adequate health care for a majority of their citizens, there are many opportunities in Nepal to work at hospitals in Kathmandu or Pokhara as well as bringing basic health care services to the mountain villages, or work with private doctors and clinics.

Nursing Roles and Responsibilities

Because of the variety of programs offered in Nepal, any number of activities, procedures and or roles you may be involved in.

  • Assist doctors and surgeons in hospital based treatments
  • Attend any meetings, lectures or information sessions per teaching hospital requirements
  • Work with emergency room staff to help urgetn care procedures such as dressing wounds, take vital signs.
  • Visit elderly or disabled remote patients for routine checkups
  • Support record keeping

What We Provide

  • Submit any applications required and process local paperwork required, depending on the program
  • Arrange for a hotel, guesthouse or homestay accommodation in the vicinity of your internship
  • Include meals at your guesthouse, as applicable
  • Airport pickups and transfers to and from your internship location
  • Assistance with any trekking trips or advice on other tourists activities

Nepal is an optimal place for medical internship program for students or medical professionals. A study of WHO in 2010 shows that, on average, only 2.1 physicians and 4.5 nurses or mid wives are available per 10,000 people in Nepal. Nepal is a tropical country with high prevalence of disease. As warmer temperatures worldwide push these diseases further into the highlands, the need for proper medical care will only increase. Please consider a nursing internship in Kathmandu, Nepal today.

To find out what will be covered in your package’s program costs, please check out our Program Fees page.