Medical Elective Program

Medical Elective in Nepal

Completing a medical elective abroad is an amazing experience for a lot of students, whether you spend 4 weeks or up to a year. There are a variety of medical electives in Nepal at hospitals and clinics in Kathmandu and surrounding areas.

You can practice in Kathmandu in different public or private hospitals, clinics and health care centers. We will provide accommodations at local inns, guest houses or home stays to complete your experience and allow you a single point of contact for organizing your elective. There are programs from as little as 4 weeks up to the full year. Also, a number of charities throughout Nepal bring medical care out to remote villages; our network can connect you with these much needed campaigns. Because we have so much experience connecting volunteers students with opportunities and tourist activities, we can easily book you in with any custom adventures in the Himalayas.

Nepal is an optimal place for medical internship program for students or medical professionals. A study of WHO in 2010 shows that, on average, only 2.1 physicians and 4.5 nurses or mid wives are available per 10,000 people in Nepal. Nepal is a tropical country with high prevalence of disease. As warmer temperatures worldwide push these diseases further into the highlands, the need for proper medical care will only increase.

Let us organize your medical elective in Nepal and provide a one-stop shop for all your needs in Kathmandu and beyond! See some sample trek itineraries a our Charity Trek page.

Please see our Program Fees for more information on what’s included.