Top 10 places to Visit in Kathmandu Nepal

top 10 places to visit nepal

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is the places of mountain region valley that lies at the altitude of 1300-1400m from sea level. The climate is always favorable to visit and travel in Kathmandu except in rainy season here are the top 10 places to visit in Kathmandu.

Swayambhu Nath Stupa

Among top 10 places in Kathmandu it is one of the oldest religious places of Nepal. It is also known as MONKEY TEMPLE as that of place of holy monkeys. It is Buddhist Temple,   A beautiful close up scenery of Kathmandu city can be viewed from the Top hill of Swayambhunath Stupa. There are 365 steps to reach this stupa.

Pasupati Nath Temple

Pasupati Nath is one of the most famous Hindu Temple in Nepal. Lots of Indian comes to worship there.  It is located on the bank of Bagmati River. This Temple is listed in world Heritage site. In this temple people worship god Shiva. This temple is cremation site where last rituals of Hindus are performed. In this temple non Hindus are strictly prohibited to entering.

BaudhaNath Stupa

Among top 10 places in Kathmandu Baudhanath Stupa is one of the largest spherical stupa in Nepal.  Its diameter is about 1oom and 40m height. Most attractive part of Baudhanath stupa is eyes of Buddha it is painted by three colors red, white, and blue . It is also listed in World heritage site .It is located in the place called Baudha. Most of visitors are Tibetan Buddhist.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu durbar square is the one of the oldest royal palace in Nepal. This palace is listed in world Heritage site. It is major attraction of Kathmandu Valley. This place is also called HANUMAN DHOKA SQUARE; it is because there is statue of Hanuman (king of Monkey) established by one of the king at that time. There is lots of historical architecture to view in Kathmandu Durbar Square.


Thamel is a one of the touristic area of Nepal. In Thamel there are lots of hotel, resturents, shops especially for tourists. You can buy lots of things what you want to shop like books, flags, clothes ect. There are lots of restaurant to eat national and international food. Thamel open for 24 hours. Thamel at night is very beautiful because of colorful light and outer decoration to attract people there. There are lots of restaurants and bars open at night in Thamel.

Bhaktapur Durbar square

Bhaktapur Durbar square is a palace of old Bhaktapur kingdom and listed in World Heritage site.  which is located in Bhaktapur District.This district is very famous for Newari culture,There are lots of temples in Bhaktapur .55 windows palace (55 jhyale Durbar in Nepali) is most famous in Bhaktapur,this palace attract lots of tourist in Bhaktapur. Near Bhaktapur Durbar square lots of things to look like Temples, monuments, typical Nepali culture, Thanka paints, statue of king ,god and godess, pond, poetry work etc. and caurd of Bhaktapur called JUJU DHAU is very famous .

Patan Durbar square

Patan durbar square is located in Lalitpur District. This is also a royal palace of Lalitpur and listed in world Heritage site. Patan  durbar square is made by marvel of Newar architecture and floor is covered by red bricks.There are lots of temples Near durbar square . Most famous place in Patan are Patan Krishna  Mandir , Patan Musium and other Temples.


Nagarkot is a Village 32km far from Kathmandu city.It lies in Bhaktapur district. It is most popular tourist destination. Nagarkot is calling for those people who are nature lover. From Nagarkot we can see the best sunrise view .From Nagarkot we can see the view of Himalayas ranges include Mount Everest. We can see the views of Kathmandu valley and big forest of Shivapuri National park from Nagarkot.


Budhanilkantha is the Hindu temple located in Budhanilkantha Kathmandu. It is lies below the shivapuri National park. In Budhanilkantha  temple there is very big sleeping statue of god Bishnu. It is also known as Narayanthan Mandir. In this temple god Bhishnu is worship by Lots of Indian and Nepali Hindus.

Narayanhiti palace Museum

Naranhithi is the palace before 2008 .Due to the political change king was replaced and this palace become museum . In this  museum we can see the  accessories that was used by king like meeting hall ,furniture, bedroom, paintings, ect. Now this museum is open for all people by using  ticket.