Teej Festival In Nepal

In Nepal there are lots of festivals among them Teej is the festival celebrated by Hindu Girls.In Nepal mostly Hindus Celebrate Teej fesrival(Girls Red festival) From late augast to early september , in this festival all girls can gather and dance with red color sari( Typical Nepali dress in Nepal).
In This festival women do fasting for their husband’s long life.
How we celebrate teej
First day of Teej :- 1st day of teej called DAR KHANE DIN means’Great Feast’. In First day all of married and unmarried girls gather together and Have great Feast. And perform Traditional song and dance.
Second Day of Teej:- 2nd day is the fasting day in this day married women fast for their husband’s long life and unmarried girls fast for good husband.In this day all girls can ware jewellery and Red dress and go to the near by Temple and dance together
Third Day of Teej :-Third day is called Rhishi Panchami women go to the near by river and take shower and brush by a plant called Datiwan and women pay homage to various deities.And then they have different foods and dance together again.
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