Free volunteer opportunities in Nepal

Free volunteering, Be a free volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering is the art of serving people who is in need. A volunteer serve people to achieve their task in difficulty.  The service of volunteering becomes vital in some cases where people themselves cannot manage their basic needs to run life. A volunteer help to manage the work of needy people as well as can spread their ideas to motivate and empower the people. The act of volunteering becomes most effective if it is done to the people of real need and with the feeling of own people. Free volunteering give feeling of pure service and free volunteer feels proudness and happiness on helping people.

Nepal is a country of south Asian region that lies between India and China. It is the country of diversity of its culture, landscape, language, people etc. It is the country of Himalayas, as the top of the world “The Mount Everest” lies in Nepal. Not only that there are several mountains at the northern part of the country including eight mountains that rises above 8000 m above the sea level. More than 80% of the topography includes hills and mountains.  Most of the people live in village where there is lack of basic infrastructure of development. There is problem of health service, education, drinking water, employment etc. So our organization Volunteer And Internship Foundation Nepal helps the volunteers to manage their programs in different sectors like teaching children, spreading awareness to people, empowering women, elephant caring etc.

Teaching School Children

Teaching school children is one of the best volunteering work as we can help children in their learning process. The system of education in Nepal has become more expensive in recent years. Most of the children do not get quality education because their parents cannot afford expensive schools and in the schools taking less fees cannot afford such manpower who can deliver holistic function. Even though there are enough government established school, the poor management and less effective nature of strategy propels the guardians from many of such schools. As the result students cannot get required and effective skills which is needed to face the modern world.

Who can Teach or Volunteer?

If you think you have something to offer to children you can teach them. Volunteer needs Basic English language. You can deliver your ideas and knowledge to pupils. Basically students are willing to learn English, Mathematics, Science, different foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, etc. and different art and crafts, you can choose any one subject matter in which you are confident. It will be better if you present your ideas practically so that students can learn by doing the work or playing game or practicing things of daily life.

A volunteer shouldn’t be aggressive to the children, must not be charged of criminal activities or related works. They should be kind to the children and the institution where they work.

How to teach children?

We have many schools where a volunteer can teach. First of all a volunteer need to be prepared on the topic what s/he is going to teach. If you are able to make some activity work it will be easier on delivery of your knowledge and easy for students to get as well. Volunteer can go in group in class if it is required and you can start your work. You can take required materials for your teaching in class. You can use your technique of teaching like demonstration, making something, group work, explanation, question answer etc. according to the lesson.  In between the classes you can motivate students by surprising them with rewards for attentive and good learners as well can uplift poor learners with the matters of their interests.

How to join the volunteering Programme?

You can join the programme with us. For that you have to fill the application form by clicking it.To come Nepal you need to get visa. You may get on arrival visa or you can process for it before you arriveNepal.

We will be there at airport to receive you when you land on airport. You will be taken to the hotel or nearby home stay. Next day you will be shortly introduced about your task and you will be given the schedule.

You will be in our home stay for entire period of stay except for your own travelling program if you like to do.

Is there free time after volunteering?

Yes! After finishing your lesson in school there will be free time. But if your lesson remains for whole day there might not be much time. But after 3 to 4 o clock there will be no school and you are totally free after that.

In free time you can visit nearby tourist places, temples, restaurants etc. At the weekend you can go for hiking to the nearby hills and enjoy the nature.

How much it costs for volunteering?

The volunteering service is totally free. You do not need to pay money for volunteering. But you will be charged for your food and accommodation.

For food and accommodation you have to pay $150 per week per person. Which includes your airport pickup, travel cost to homestay, and breakfast, lunch, dinner and your room charge in homestay. You will be provided pure drinking water and organic food made in home. You can enjoy lovely homely environment and learn about Nepalese food, culture if you are interested.

What is the duration of volunteering?

The minimum length of volunteering is of one week. You can do it for long time also like two weeks, one moths and more also. Our programs are flexible.

Which season is good for volunteering?

A volunteer can join any season, any time, throughout the year.

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