Best 5 volunteer program in Nepal

For your convenience and support to choose volunteer program we suggest you the best 5 volunteer program in Nepal.Nepal is a country which has lots of volunteer opportunities for all kind of people in different field. In Nepal there are lots of Volunteer organizations among them Volunteer and Internship Foundation Nepal is women owned and operated foundation, aims to provide support for poor girl for their education. “Travel for women empowerment” is our slogan as the profit from our programme will be donated for education of poor girls in Lamjung district.

Teaching English in School

Teaching English in school is the most popular volunteer program here. By this program you will have not only teaching experience but also have good connection with local people and have good opportunities for experience Nepali culture. In teaching program you can volunteer in school of Kathmandu or Lamjung. Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal and here you will live with host family and you will have electricity, transportation, and internet facility as well. But in Lamjung host family may not provide internet facility but people are very kind and   you can experience more cultural exchange.

Elephant care Volunteering in Nepal

Elephants are considered as the symbol of GOOD LUCK. You can help in taking care of elephant in elephant farm in Chitawan Nepal. Mother and baby Elephants are subject of more care and volunteers feel glad to work with them. This opportunity is provided by Volunteer and internship foundation Nepal.

Child Care program in Nepal

Children are supposed as the form of god, they have right to be fulfilled their all needs, but some children in Nepal are deprived from enjoying their rights because of poverty or absence of their parents. So you can join some orphanage and help them, share your kindness. We help you to choose the orphanage and work there.

Women empowerment program in Nepal

Women empowerment is burning issue of present era. In spite of occupying half volume of population, women in Nepal have faced many obstacles on the path equity and equality. Volunteer and internship Foundation Nepal proud to offer you women empowerment volunteer program in Nepal. Our volunteers work can help women by provide training of arts and crafts and basic skill improvement (like computer, language, social practice etc.)to earn money, and support rehabilitation center by working on site, provide meals, fundraising etc.

Agricultural Volunteer Program in Nepal

More than 65% people of Nepal have agriculture as their main profession .Volunteer and Internship Foundation Nepal offer you best agricultural program in Nepal. You can get experience of traditional practice of farming and agriculture in Nepal. You will be in the host family and help their agricultural work in the practice of growing fruits, vegetable and crops and other.