Volunteer and Internship Foundation Nepal

Volunteer and Internship Foundation (VAI) Nepal is a women owned and operated foundation that aims to provide meaningful experiences for individual or groups looking to contribute to various community needs in Nepal.

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Volunteering in Nepal

VAI Nepal has some unique and exciting volunteer programs to show you the variety of cultures and locations that Nepal has to offer. Whether your’e interested in educating children, helping to empower disadvantaged women or work in the countryside farms up in the mountains, we have great experiences awaiting you!

Internship in Nepal

VAI Nepal is able to connect you to medical elective, nursing and veterinary internships through public and private institutions in Nepal, including Kathmandu and other cities such as Pokhara. We can help you submit the application to the appropriate authority and communicate on your behalf with the application process, as required. If your application is approved we can arrange for…